The first session of 2015 is nearly here!


Hello! I am so very proud to announce Iowa Design Tribe of 2015 starts this Friday morning at 9 a.m. on May 22nd! The location will be Ada Hayden Heritage Park in Ames and near the water to the north of the park and off of the main parking lot. We will be working on creative sketching which means this is your chance to let your creative ideas spill out onto your paper. Feel free to bring any medium to sketch with and on. Also, please don’t forget to bring your own chair, sunscreen, insect spay, and anything else you may need. I’m beyond excited to start another year of providing a meeting place for anyone wanting to create, network, and to be inspired by the outdoors. Please remember if the weather doesn’t cooperate and if the sessions are canceled, I’ll let you know in the big text on the front of this blog and also on Facebook!

See you soon,

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