Session 3 of 2017 at Ada Hayden / Watercolor

Hello! Last Friday morning we had session 3 at Ada Hayden Heritage Park near the water. It was a really beautiful morning and the weather was gentle even though the promise of hot heat was upon us. At the very end we took it as a cue from Mother Nature when baby spiders floated in on their single strands of web!! Otherwise, the water was gorgeous and there were small groups of people hanging out with each other while others exercised. As I said before, watercolor isn’t my specialty but I was inspired by an artist, Sarah Burrier, and her wonderful watercolors of fairies and mermaids. I brought one of her bookmarks with me as seen in a photo. During the session I only sketched out my painting with a graphite pencil in 4H on Bristol board paper and then worked on the watercolor part at home. I’ve only just begun with the painting part and that is just fine. 🙂

Stay cool out there! I know you will! 😉
The next pairs of sessions will involve making tassels to decorate a planter for a boho look, and then drawing on material (I will be drawing on a tank top) so if you would like to work on any of those with me, I would start rounding up your materials!
With the tassels you only need string and a piece of thick paper that can be folded in half, such as some of the advertisements you get in the mail. With drawing on material, there are wonderful pens found at your local craft store that are specifically for material. I will use a light colored tank top with a smooth knit to the fabric, and a piece of cardboard to put under the first layer of material.

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