IDT Session 4 / Final of Pattern on Fabric / Tribal Dress

Hi there! This is how session 4 went this past Sunday evening along with the finished project of the drawn pattern on fabric!
Session 4 was at Hickory Grove Park in Story County
Here is some of the process
The storms started to move in.

I had really drawn all over the dress to get the shapes just where I wanted them. Then I used a white eraser to carefully remove the marks and guide lines. What I didn’t erase will wash out.
Here is the pattern when I finished with the fabric roller pen.

Afterwards, I used the glow in the dark marker.
And voila, here is the finished dress with a tribal, symmetrical pattern! For the nighttime photo, I “charged” the glow in the dark areas and then used a blue light for lighting. I love the results.
This was definitely a fun project and now I have an obsession with the fabric pens that I used! I’m going to have to make more wearable art and wear it all summer!

Thanks for stopping by! And just a reminder that the next session is tomorrow morning from 9-10 am at Ada Hayden Heritage Park in Ames. For more information about the new project, check out the last post here. I hope to see you soon!

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