IDT session 2 of 2015 / Tech pen & watercolor project

IDT_session2_2015_selfIDT_session2_2015_dinoSketchIDT_session2_2015_IrisIDT_session2_2015_PurpleFieldIDT_session2_2015_Pokey1IDT_session2_2015_Pokey2 IDT_session2_2015_hiddenflower IDT_session2_2015_BenchView

Session 2 was held at McFarland Park, northeast of Ames. I started sketching the subject for my tech pen and watercolor project and the subject is dinosaurs and peonies. I was laughing because I was doing my research for the anatomy of dinosaurs on my phone and it was ridiculous! I recommend doing this ahead of time and printing out your findings. While there I couldn’t help but take some photos of the beautiful irises and some of the other flowers. It was a perfect day for being outside and creating!

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