IDT Session 2 / Creative Sketching

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For the next 2 sessions I’ll be showing how you can draw a pattern on fabric, creating a one of a kind piece of wearable art! If everything works out, there will also be glow in the dark elements. The next session will be Friday May 30th from 9-10 am at Ada Hayden Heritage Park in Ames, Iowa (postpone if rain). The following session will be Sunday, June 1st, 6-7:30 pm at Hickory Grove Park (southwest of Colo, Iowa), exact location in the park will be announced closer to the date, and postpone if rain. I’m also planning to lead a session in Des Moines, Iowa at Gray’s Lake Park within the next 2 weeks, and that date is yet to be determined.

Materials for the hand drawn pattern on garment May 3oth & June 1st:

Gel Roller For Fabric (these seem to get used up quickly so you may have to consider that when planning your pattern and your budget for this project. They draw smoothly and it feels natural to use, like you are using a pen on paper.

DecoFabric Glow in the dark marker. This is the first time I’ve used this. Very exciting!

Fabric: I’ll be making a pattern on a dress but there are so many options! Shorts, tanks, skirts or jackets for example. Also, keep in mind that if you use a jersey knit, the material will bunch up a little as you’re drawing on it and with a linen it would be less bunchy.

Cardboard: as you’re drawing, the ink may seep through the top layer and could easily ruin the other side of your garment. There are t-shirt cardboard pieces at the craft stores that work well and you would insert it under the layer you are drawing on or you could use any other piece of cardboard.

Computer: If you want your design to look more technical, I suggest bringing your design into Adobe Illustrator and straightening the lines where applicable and replicating the design elements until you find a pattern you like. I plan on making my pattern a simple vertical flip. It will be two mirrored designs making a whole. After making the pattern, the next step is to print it out!

Graphite transfer paper: If you are transferring your design from your computer to the garment, this is helpful. Get normal graphite transfer paper for a light colored garment, get white transfer paper for dark fabrics.

Graphite pencils: the darker the better. So to determine where your pattern will go on the garment, you’ll have to do some measuring and marking on the garment itself. I think the dark pencils seem to wash off better and you can see the marks better while adding your pattern.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend!\n Tonya

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