IDT session 18 / Velvet Painting Practice Run & Research

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Hi! Last night was the 18th session of Iowa Design Tribe and there are only two sessions left for this year! I’m taking these last three sessions to work on one last project and the photos above show the practice run for painting on velvet and in my case, I am painting on a velvet jacket. I was also testing brushstrokes and how much paint to load on the brush and at what consistency. It seems that the velvet really pulls out the water in the acrylic paint that I used so I needed to keep the brush somewhat watered down. I also learned that I may need to put down layers of paint and the first layer absorbs into the velvet quickly. I plan on using the velvet of the final jacket better such as in the dark areas of the composition. Also, I painted on my artist’s board but I would also recommend adding a layer of plastic under the velvet to keep it from soaking through, although I didn’t have a problem. I’m having a lot of fun with this project! I’ve been meaning to work on this for years and years and I’m so happy to share my findings with you!

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