IDT Session 14 / Sketching (Back to School)

sketching with white crayonlake view of McFarland ParkDrawing wings on a fairy figure with a white crayon on white sketch paperAfter layering with yellow marker, the white colored wings can be seen. up close of fairy sketch with the yellowview of the prairie flowerslandscape view at McFarland ParkIDT_sidewalkview_backtoschool

Hello all! Here are some pics from session 14 which was a sketching session at McFarland Park in Story County. I decided to experiment with a white crayon which is very fitting since so many kids are headed back to school this week.

First I drew my subject, a fairy without wings. Then I added the white crayon to draw the wings and some details within them. Next I added a layer of yellow marker to see if the wax of the crayon would repel the marker. It didn’t work as well as I had hoped but the details of the wings are still visible. It’s always important to try new things in art!

The quality of the photos are different because I used my phone instead of my camera. I think they turned out nicely and the humidity of the day is really captured! McFarland Park is one of my favorite outdoor destinations! Just look at all of that natural prairie and there are plenty of animals around. In the last photo, the dark creature on the sidewalk is a little ground squirrel.

Thanks for reading!

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