Gearing up for the first ever Iowa Design Tribe session!


Hello all! I’m preparing for the inaugural session of Iowa Design Tribe this coming Sunday May 18th from 6-7:30 pm at Ada Hayden Heritage park in Ames, Iowa. I will set up near the north parking lot on the grass. It will be a sunset session!  I’ll keep an eye on the weather, some sessions will be cancelled for extreme weather or rain. If the weather cooperates, the next session will be at the end of next week and I’ll post that information in the large text on the home page.

Iowa Design Tribe has been a long time coming and I can’t express how excited I am to lead like-minded designers, artists, and makers. Comedians, cosplayers, writers, and anyone wanting enjoy nature as you work on your craft in a group is welcome. As a faceted, diverse, and creative bunch I believe we really need this hybrid of part networking and part creative session in this area! And for free! Save your money for supplies and entree fees for contests.

Please bring your own supplies and your own seating (camping chairs, blanket) as well as anything you might need like something to drink, sunscreen, a hat for shade, insect repellent etc. Sunday the 18th (and the following week) will be creative sketching sessions but feel free to bring anything you are working on and please make sure to clean up your work area when the session in over.

The above photo shows some of the materials you may find helpful for sketching:

A spiral bound sketchbook
A hard surface like an Artist Clipboard
Colored Pencils
Graphite Pencils
Bristol Board Paper, this is thicker than sketchbook paper and I use it for water colors
Random Pens
Tech. Pens
Cork-backed ruler

Thanks and see you soon!

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