Iowa Design Tribe is a creative group that meets outside to be inspired by nature while working on creative projects and hanging out with amazing people. Most sessions will be located in parks around Story County, Iowa and during warm weather months.

Sessions are lead by Iowa Design Tribe founder, graphic designer & artist, Tonya Moore.

Sessions are FREE!
Save your money for supplies, contest fees, website hosting, product photography, graphic design, vendor fees, and anything you may need to keep your creative business running.

This is about relaxing and meeting other creatives in Iowa while flexing your creative muscles and being inspired by nature. Tribe members are welcome to work on their own thing or welcome to work on the instructed project.

Who can be part of the Tribe? This is for adults who are designers, artists, makers, comedians, writers, cosplayers, and anyone who wants to work on their craft while being in a group and in nature. If you can’t make it in person please feel free to follow the projects on the blog.

Please bring your own materials and seating. This may include a camping chair or blanket, something to drink, sunscreen, insect repellent, shade like a hat or a chair canopy, and anything else you may need. Check the Materials button for suggestions on what to bring on any day in general. Also, specific projects will be announced with what to bring. Some projects will require a little work ahead of time so keep watch. With certain projects it is not expected that you will finish in one sitting so you may need to work more on it at your home.

About the founder: The sessions are lead by Iowa Design Tribe’s founder, graphic designer, and artist, Tonya Moore. Tonya has earned a BFA in Graphic Design from the College of Design at Iowa State University. With several years of artistic experience and many years of graphic design and photography under her belt, you are in good hands and can expect a variety of artistic projects with modern design appeal.

This will be a diverse, multi-faceted, and talented group. Constructive criticism is fine but deconstructive criticism will not be allowed.

Cancellations: Because Iowa Design Tribe is based outside, there will be cancellations due to extreme weather, rain, or sogginess. You will find updated cancellations in the large print on the front page of the Iowa Design Tribe website and also cancellations will be updated on Facebook. Make sure to like Iowa Design Tribe on Facebook!

We look forward to seeing you!

(Iowa Design Tribe is not responsible for accidents, injury, theft, or illnesses.)


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